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Read news and updates with main focus on people with disabilities.

Purpose.This Buying Guide is for organizations who want to start purchasing digital products and or services compliant with the updated

How to Make Your Word Documents Accessible

June 26, 2024
Author: AO Editor
Creating accessible Word documents ensures that all users, including those with disabilities, can access and understand your content. Additionally, creating accessible
Tanner Gers: All right, great. Hey everybody. Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, wherever you are tuning in from. I appreciate
Despite unemployment rates at multi-decade lows, disabled job seekers are struggling to get a single job interview, let alone land
Both automated accessibility testing tools and accessibility overlays, sometimes referred to as accessibility widgets, assist in making the web
Companies who do not invest in people lose. They lose across organizational retention, productivity, and revenue…  They lose across employee engagement,
The outcomes of your disability workplace reporting framework depend on the quality of the questions you ask your employees.  The

Digital Accessibility Law Or Snake Oil

January 17, 2024
Author: AO Editor
Information and knowledge are powerful. But what if you can’t access it even when protected by law? A new bill was
This is Part 2 in a series on how to achieve digital accessibility compliance. For “The Proven Path To Digital
Disability Workplace Reporting Introduction This content is designed to support HR leaders looking to improve disability employment programs, specifically focusing on
Knowledge Versus Skill-Based Corporate Training and Certification Programs Expectations for digital accessibility and disability inclusion have never been higher. These are
California Suing Digital Design Agencies, Integrators, and Vendors for Inaccessible Websites? California law AB 1757 (C. Garcia, Stats. 2022, ch. 341),
Check out our video for this blog! The pandemic taught us a lot of things about ourselves. What we value culturally,
It’s a little windy and a little chilly. I hate the wind. It might rain too. That’s when you really

NYC Taxi Rule Surcharges Equity or Ableism?

October 2, 2022
Author: AO Editor
Inflation is soaring. The cost of basic needs is stretching budgets… The US is technically in a recession. And the
If you are not born blind, losing sight is incredibly difficult. Sight is so precious, valuable, and intrinsically embedded into everything

About Us - Who We Are at AccessAbility Officer

March 22, 2022
Author: AO Editor
We are people first and relationship focused at AccessAbility Officer. Doing business with those we know, trust, and share values
Recruiting disabled employees is often the first step a company takes when it wants to improve disability diversity and inclusion. Fueled