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Digital Accessibility & Accommodations for People with Disabilities

AccessAbility Officer is committed to ensuring people living with disabilities can equally use and shop at We don’t just believe disability inclusion is the right thing to do. It makes good business sense.

Goals and Commitment to Digital Accessibility

We understand accessibility is a journey and an on-going commitment. With this in mind, We are taking the following steps, actions, and deploying the subsequent resources required to achieve our two primary disability readiness and digital accessibility goals:

  • Achieve and maintain WCAG 2.1 AA compliance; and
  • ensure is the most functionally accessible and usable experience for people of all abilities.

Digital Accessibility Effort

Comprehensive digital accessibility testing. Manual and automated accessibility testing by digital accessibility experts combined with manual usability testing by people with disabilities reliant on assistive technology helps ensure the AccessAbility Officer website is accessible for people of all abilities.

Remediation Implementation. Accessibility technical experts fix accessibility bugs when found while helping programmatically re-structure and optimize the website for accessibility and universal design.

On-going Monitoring and Maintenance. Weekly and monthly accessibility tests across entire website with a focus on new content makes sure the AccessAbility Officer website is compliant and stays accessible for all.

Integrating People with Disabilities. The majority of AccessAbility Officer team members are people with disabilities reliant on assistive technology like screen readers, magnification, and others. Incorporating manual tests from people with severe disabilities helps us ensure we are inclusive of the needs of everyone while providing an intuitive, usable, and accessible shopping experience for all customers.

Dedicated Support for Digital Accessibility

We have a team dedicated to supporting customers with disabilities facing any difficulty with using the website. Email our disability support team at