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About Us - Who We Are at AccessAbility Officer

March 22, 2022
Author: AO Editor

We are people first and relationship focused at AccessAbility Officer. 

Doing business with those we know, trust, and share values is important to us. 

We are passionate about the work we do and our partners we work with. 

Which is why we share our vision, mission, and values openly with you here-who we are and the principles by which we operate. 

AccessAbility Officer’s Vision 

The US disabled unemployment rate is the same as the US unemployment rate. 

AccessAbility Officer’s Mission 

To create employment opportunities in knowledge and skill-based fields for people living with significant disability. 

AccessAbility Officer’s Organizational Values 

These are the core values and principles guiding our talent as we work to achieve our vision and goals at AccessAbility Officer. 

Equity & Inclusion 

Everyone is not born with the same advantages and or privilege and we   consciously acknowledge this fact. We continuously work to improve our internal and customer approaches for disability diversity and inclusion. We recognize conscious and unconscious biases, intentional and unintentional barriers, and societal and corporate stereotypes. We develop strategies to overcome these systematic discriminatory barriers of exclusion, favoritism, and ablism. Every person is important at AccessAbility Officer. 


We intentionally perform with purpose at our highest capability, to the best of our ability,  on every task, project, and goal, for ourselves, our team, company, and customers. Every day matters at AccessAbility Officer. 

Integrity & Trust 

We live in integrity and earn trust. We value discretion and transparency. We admit mistakes and take responsibility. Every relationship matters at AccessAbility Officer. 


We choose to do the right things even if they are the hard things. We challenge ideas and lean in. We win together and lose together. Every person is a leader at AccessAbility Officer. 

Your Disability, Inclusion, and Accessibility Goals 

Want to ensure your websites and digital work environments are accessible under the ADA?  

Concerned about the effectiveness of your disability employment program? 

Unsure how disability inclusion is different than racial, gender, and sexual orientation? 

Schedule a free strategy session right here 

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