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Companies who do not invest in people lose.  They lose across organizational retention, productivity, and revenue…  They lose across employee engagement, innovation, and ownership.  Success is driven by people and smart businesses invest in success drivers.  In short, how does our team do this thing better? Innovation. Adaptation. Change.  The solution is often overcoming skill […]

The outcomes of your disability workplace reporting framework depend on the quality of the questions you ask your employees.  The questions in this article are much less actionable if you do not have a workplace disability reporting framework. Start with our comprehensively actionable article on Disability Workplace Reports and Reporting Frameworks in case you missed it. Disability […]

Information and knowledge are powerful. But what if you can’t access it even when protected by law? A new bill was signed into law in New York (S3114A) that requires all state agencies to comply with the most current version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Great! Grand! Wonderful! Thank you, Senator Mannion, however, […]

Disability Workplace Reporting Introduction This content is designed to support HR leaders looking to improve disability employment programs, specifically focusing on creating a disability workplace reporting framework, how to engage with employees, execute data collection, and overcome various barriers in the process. Beyond theoretical and conceptual, This article outlines practical and actionable steps to implement […]

This is Part 2 in a series on how to achieve digital accessibility compliance. For “The Proven Path To Digital Accessibility Compliance Part 1” click here.  Thank you for reading. If you find this article helpful, please share on social or with a colleague via email.  Accessibility Overlays Introduction: Marketing Claims and Market’s Response  In […]

Knowledge Versus Skill-Based Corporate Training and Certification Programs Expectations for digital accessibility and disability inclusion have never been higher. These are no longer feel good cultural and social responsibility initiatives. Digital accessibility and ADA compliance are prioritized strategic objectives with realizable business impacts. However, many organizations are left trying to solve a few big questions […]