Staffing & Recruiting Certified Digital Accessibility Professionals

You Need Vetted Technical Digital Accessibility Talent… Like Yesterday.

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If your RPO partner’s niche is digital accessibility technical expertise…

You get vetted digital accessibility technical experts on-demand with fair pricing, Guaranteed.

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Why Choose a Partner Who Specializes in Digital Accessibility?

You already know 25-45% of candidates:

  • Lie about their education, certifications, and KSAs
  • Lie about their experience, job responsibilities, and achievements

What Makes Recruiting Digital Accessibility Talent Even Harder?

  • Most accessibility certifications cover technical knowledge, not technical skills
  • Digital accessibility compliance standards change and update over time

You Have 3 Options for Expert Digital Accessibility Talent

  1. If you have the right talent, retain them with technical skill based training
  2. Source on-demand digital accessibility talent and avoid full-time employee overhead
  3. Partner with a digital accessibility RPO firm to hire your first accessibility engineer or team

What Happens When You Hire Without Digital Accessibility Expertise?

  • Mis-hires because you don’t have technical skill assessments or screening
  • Wasted time and resources while productivity and morale suffers
  • Your boss doesn’t care how hard it is to vet and hire digital accessibility experts

On-Demand Staffing or RPO Digital Accessibility Experts?

Don’t force making a hire because you don’t have the expertise. 

On-Demand staffing of vetted US-based technical resources 

Starting at $6320 per Resource/ MO

No Contracts. No Hidden Fees. Guaranteed Results.

Full Service RPO for Digital Accessibility Talent

Starting at $4840 / MO + 11% per Hire’s 1st Year Salary

Certified, technically vetted, digital accessibility experts guaranteed.

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