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    Digital Accessibility

    Digital Accessibility

    Why Do Organizations Trust AccessAbility Officer?

    Decades of Experience

    White-Glove Service 

    Comprehensive Solutions

    Disability Diverse Team

    High Level… 2 Proven Approaches to Digital Accessibility

    Option 1:  We do it for you – Take accessibility off your plate

    Option 2: We help you – Teach you how to own accessibility

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    Option 1: We Do Accessibility for You

     When AO manages digital accessibility 360° = You get

    • Guaranteed compliance + Legal Protection = More Confidence with Less Cost 
    • Removing uncertainty/frustration of digital accessibility = Talent Retention
    • Scalable accessible customer solution = Better Brand + Corporate Responsibility

    Option 1 is best for organizations that have:

    1. No internal SMEs, accessibility SOPs, or time to manage complexity 
    2. External vendors who design, build or manage digital assets
    3. Internationally diversified technical teams
    4. Just received an ADA demand letter/lawsuit

    Want AO Managing Accessibility 360°? 

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    Option 2: We help you own digital accessibility

    AO becomes your trusted partner in helping you own digital accessibility = You Get:

    • Knowledge transfer, blueprint, and strategic roadmap to compliance
    • Achieve ADA and WCAG compliance faster + tools to monitor and maintain
    • Expert accessibility Staff Augmentation when you need it
    • Comprehensive accessibility processes + procedures not tied to 1 SME
    • Legal guidance and support with demand letters/litigation

    Option 2 is best for organizations who:

    1. Just received an ADA demand letter/lawsuit
    2. Have time and bandwidth to address accessibility on-going
    3. Want to build internal accessibility SME and SOPs
    4. Are establishing an internal accessibility center of excellence

    Want AO to Help You Own Digital Accessibility Internally? 

    Schedule time to speak with an accessibility advisor here.