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The only technical skill based training and certification program for digital accessibility testing, reporting, and remediation.

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Today’s great talent is looking for purpose and fulfillment in their work.

Without both, good resources leave sooner than later and many candidates don’t apply.

Commitment to digital accessibility creates powerful shifts culturally.

Talent develops a sense of meaning, purpose, ownership and pride.

The shift is not limited to how your talent perceives their work. It is directly connected to where they work.

You don’t want to “go through the motions.” Don’t Make Your Talent!

Training and development cannot be fluff. Your talent must develop real applicable skills.

Leadership wants authentic advancements in KPI’s.

Ensure your digital accessibility corporate training partner can manage:

  • Learning Differences: Some need live interactive trainings, others rewatching lessons, some require 1 on 1 support…

  • Engaged Talent: Technical talent mentally checkout and multi-task through knowledge based trainings.

  • Measuring Outcomes: Your boss hammers you in 6 months since accessibility compliance hasn’t improved.

The biggest problems & gaps in technical digital accessibility trainings and certifications include:

  1. Knowledge-Based Curriculum & Approach

    Text-based and pre-recorded trainings focusing on laws, best practices, and accessibility concepts are insufficient at upskilling talent responsible for technical digital accessibility job functions.
    Technical upskilling is most effective and realized through hands-on workshops, guided practice, live instruction, coaching, and feedback.

  2. No Technical Skill Assessment Required to Earn Certification

    Technical digital accessibility expertise cannot be measured through the SAT, ACT, or any other multiple choice tests based on a body of knowledge. These tests measure one’s ability to memorize information, not validate demonstratable technical skills in a real world setting.  Validation and certification of technical digital accessibility skill can only be done by functionally demonstrating those technical skills in a proctored environment.

  3. Lacks Instructor Feedback, support and coaching. 

    Digital accessibility is complex and ambiguous. If you are not a trained digital accessibility expert, how will you know if you are testing, reporting, and remediating digital accessibility compliance correctly? Consistent feedback, support, and coaching from a certified instructor able to answer your questions in real time is the only proven method for upskilling individuals and teams from novices to experts in technical digital accessibility.

The CAT Final Exam is exclusively for technical digital accessibility experts with demonstratable skills to manually test, report, and guide remediation  against WCAG and Section 508. 

Are You Truly An A11y Expert? Schedule Your CAT Final Exam and earn the certification to prove it! 

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Recordings + Transcripts

Proctored Final Exam

Final Exam Graded by 3 A11y SMEs

Final Exam Feedback Session

Online LMS

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Per Module Discussion Prompts

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Create meaning and purpose with your commitment to digital accessibility. 

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