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     Ready Ranking

    Disability Readiness Quiz Results 

    Where Your Company Stands on Disability Inclusion 

    Thank You for Taking the Disability Readiness Quiz! 

    Here you will find your company’s: 

    1. Disability Readiness Score, Rank, and description 
    1. Suggestions for your disability employment program, and 
    1. Opportunity to discuss disability D&I goals and strategy.

    What is the Disability Readiness Quiz, Score and Rank? 

    The Disability Readiness Quiz, score and rank system provides organizations a high-level perspective of where they are on the disability diversity and inclusion journey. 

    Each question, pulled from our more comprehensive Organizational Access Ability Review (OAR), focuses on foundational aspects of proven disability inclusion strategies. 

    The questions on this quiz provide us insight on your company as it relates to disability inclusion across: 

    1. Culture,  
    1. Leadership 
    1. Hiring and Recruiting 
    1. Professional Development & Career Advancement 
    1. Accommodations


    Each question features several answers, and you had the ability to check all answers that apply to your company. 

    Across all questions, 51 answers yielded positive scores and 28 answers yielded negative scores. The higher the score, the higher your Disability Readiness Rank. 

    Disability Readiness Rankings 

    Score Rank Description 
    43-51 Inclusive You have come a long way on your disability inclusion journey and are beginning to realize the ROI of your disability employment program. You have implemented multiple disability inclusive HR changes, including advancing the recruiting, hiring, and accommodation processes, as well as embedding disability inclusion trainings into onboarding and other employee annual trainings. 
    35-42 Ready You have developed your recruitment and hiring teams for candidates with disabilities! You have updated job descriptions, provided disability inclusion training across HR, and have strategic partnerships in place to help drive a pipeline of qualified candidates with disabilities. 
    34 or less Able Your company has committed to advancing disability diversity and inclusion. Executives have established and announced organizational goals to better support customers and employees with disabilities. HR stakeholders have been identified, responsibilities given, and your disability employment program was launched. For HR, the primary goal is increase hiring rates of employees with disabilities and meet ADA compliance. 

    Congratulations on your Ready Ranking!

    Here are some recommendations to help advance disability inclusion at your company based on your Disability Readiness Quiz answers.

    Since launching your disability employment program, you have successfully established new policies and processes for how to recruit and hire people with disabilities, but now you need to advance inclusion beyond telling a candidate, “You’re hired!” Based on your Disability Readiness score and rank, here are areas you may need to consider and prioritize:

    1. Develop managers’ confidence and soft skills to lead and empower their reports with disabilities;

    2. Improve your ADA accommodation management approach to better support disability inclusion individually, culturally, and maintain compliance without slowing you down; and

    3. Establish and audit physical and digital work environment ADA compliance.

    Schedule a Strategy Session to discuss your specific situation and how we can help.