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US cultural awareness of the blind and people with disabilities (PWD) is at its historical peak.

Yet PWD remain significantly underrepresented at work, in business, and professionally.

  • 2 of 3 working age blind adults in the US are unemployed or underemployed
  • 2022 US employment rate (65.4%) is over 3X 2022 US disabled unemployment rate (21.3%).
Blind woman typing on computer in cubical with earbuds

Submitting applications, resumes, and cover letters is not effective for PWD getting hired.

  • 2 out of 3 open jobs are never published publicly on job sites.
  • 70% of jobs are filled through networking and social connections.
  • Over 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn daily to source candidates.

Before the Getting Hired Playbook, PWD did not have an effective means of predictably overcoming these challenges.

Today it’s guaranteed!

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Getting Hired Playbook Program Overview

3-month instructor-led program with 6 lectures, 2 interactive hands-on workshops, and online curriculum with exercises, activities, and supplemental learning materials.

*Interview preparation and resume updates are not included in this program. Interview preparation and resume updates can be authorized as needed on an individual basis.

Module 1: LinkedIn profile setup, customization, optimization, trainings & certifications.

Module 2: LinkedIn strategy and tactical planning.

Module 3: Strategically building a larger, robust, strategic network for gaining and retaining employment.

Module 4: How to provide value, build your brand, and establish thought leadership.

Module 5: How to get more interviews faster by connecting with hiring managers and recruiters.

Module 6: How to  source open jobs effectively, quickly, and setup alerts.

Interactive Workshop 1: Hands-on training of the program’s strategic and tactical plan development, student results of effort over the program, and specific engagement and messaging tactics.

Interactive Workshop 2: Hands-on training on content creation, thought leadership, marketing, as well as effective messaging and engagement tactics leading to more interviews.

Blind man works at computer sitting in park wearing glasses

Soft Skill Prerequisites

  • Think critically, solve problems, and be solution oriented.
  • Manage ambiguity, uncertainty, and leverage creativity on a daily basis.
  • Push themselves outside their comfort zone, like routinely posting and engaging on social media

Hard skill prerequisites

  • Advanced proficiency using Google Chrome
  • Intermediate proficiency using Office365: Word, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, & Teams
  • Intermediate proficiency in Windows 11, file management, and general computer skills
  • Intermediate proficiency using Mail, Calendar, & internet browser on smart phone.

**Passing soft and hard skill assessment is required to enroll into the Getting Hired Playbook

Measuring Student Success in the Getting Hired Playbook

Student success in the Getting Hired Playbook can be measured by the quantity of the following metrics:

  1. First round interviews completed
  2. Invitations to a first round interview
  3. Messages from recruiters about their open role

Getting Hired Playbook Program Fees

Program Length: 3 months

Prerequisite Evaluation: $308
(Required to pass to be eligible for this program)

Training: $4,881 ($1,627 per month)

LinkedIn Premium Career Subscription: $239

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