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    Officer Blueprint

    Build Your Disability D&I Strategy, Roadmap, & ROI

    You’re in the right place if you are an innovative performance-enhancing company…
    Committed to your disability employment program…
    And are now prioritizing your disability inclusion strategy. It’s not just the right thing to do. The ROI makes good business sense.

    Businesses who successfully implement comprehensive disability D&I strategies, over time, experience a quantifiable ROI.

    • 28% higher total revenue
    • 30% higher profit margins
    • Better products. Expanding market share. More loyal customers.

    Plus disability diversity and inclusion has global effects on people:

    • Increased innovation, creativity, and problem solving
    • Increased motivation and happiness
    • Increased confidence and career aspirations
    • Decreased absenteeism and turnover. Disability D&I has serious people power

    Disability Inclusion Program Problems

    Like your other gender, race, and sexual orientation D&I programs…
    You considered comprehensive disability sensitivity and inclusion training.
    But after starting to recruit people with disabilities…
    And hiring your first employee with a disability…
    The problems started popping up.
    In the training process, you didn’t have alternative formats or accessible materials.

    Managing the onboarding process is overwhelming when you’re also juggling normal responsibilities.
    Why are simple things like clocking in, the intranet, and registering for benefits so time-intensive?

    Digital inaccessibility is already preventing your employee from performing necessary job functions.

    And this doesn’t even consider time you spent managing accommodations, working with venders, uncertainty about compliance, and researching the EEOC.

    This only scratches the surface of developing and successfully implementing a comprehensive disability D&I strategy.

    Common HR Questions on Disability D&I

    • Are you sourcing or recruiting the wrong candidates?
    • Why do new hires struggle with training and onboarding?
    • How will you manage accommodations long-term?
    • Do your work environments achieve ADA compliance?
    • Are you assessing employee performance accurately?
    • How will you implement performance improvement plans?

    If you’re uncertain about the answers to these questions…
    Or whether you have the experience and expertise to develop a successful disability inclusion strategy…
    We can help.

    3 Things Largely Drive Disability D&I Gaps

    1. Disability Diversity and Inclusion is Deeply Complex.

    For starters…

    • Disability and impairment severity changes over time or day to day.
    • There are over 20 different types of invisible and visible disabilities
    • Reasonable accommodations are not static
     2. Your Disability D&I Strategy is not Comprehensive
    • Strategy is often limited to recruiting and hiring goals
    • Does not account for non-HR departmental influences
    • Lacks strategic controls to Measure success and make corrections
     3. Gaps and Problems Implementing Your Strategy
    • Difficulty leading organizational and culture change
    • Lacks executive sponsorship and overall awareness
    • Insufficient management of strategic controls

    “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

    Sun Tzu – Art of War

    A successful disability inclusion strategy and disability employment program requires you to go beyond traditional tactics of race, gender, or sexual orientation DEI strategy and employment-recruiting, hiring, and career advancement with executive, cultural, and sensitivity trainings.

    Candidly, these tactics cannot ensure work environments meet ADA compliance, remove ability bias from supervisors or organizational culture, nor establish inclusive policies and processes designed to achieve your company’s disability inclusion goals.

    To truly drive disability diversity and inclusion…
    And create an ability inclusive culture…
    You must go beyond the ADA and federal compliance.

    Disability D&I is a lot to do alone! Here’s how we help.

    Successfully expanding inclusion to your employees with disabilities requires a universally inclusive mindset, attitudinal shift, and a comprehensive strategy addressing each facet of how your business operates.

    So how do we get there?
    To determine the right disability inclusion strategy for your business, we start with our Organizational AccessAbility Review (OAR).

    The OAR uncovers gaps and challenges that will need to be addressed, identifies your strengths and opportunities, and provides data-driven leverage needed to develop a successful disability inclusion strategy.

    Equipped with this data-driven insight, we then work with your executive leadership team to develop your company’s disability D&I strategy.

    While disability readiness and a culturally inclusive mindset are mutually desired outcomes, we also ensure the disability inclusion strategy accomplishes six key business objectives:

    • 1. Maintains focus and alignment with your company’s long-term goals
    • 2. Exemplifies your company’s values and mission
    • 3. Includes cogent action plan for reaching short-term objectives
    • 4. Advance departmental interoperability
    • 5. Executive sponsorship and organizational awareness
    • 6. Strategic controls measuring performance and informing business decision process

    AccessAbility Blueprint: The Strategic Roadmap

    Goals are where you’re going.
    Strategy is how you get there.
    Tactics make it happen.
    The AccessAbility Blueprint brings it all together.

    In the past, implementing a comprehensive disability D&I strategy required years of experience and expertise across ADA compliance, change management, accountability management, strategic controls, executive sponsorship, and more.

    Today, the AccessAbility Blueprint solves that problem. You already have a capable team. You just need some guidance to make it happen!

    Step-by-step, you will have a proven action plan with prioritized tactics, policies, and processes with the information, guidance, and resources responsible for embedding disability inclusion across your business, culture, and people.

    Outcomes of the AccessAbility Blueprint

    Outcomes you can expect include but are not limited to:

    • Disability readiness for all employees-recruitment to retirement
    • A cultural mindset and attitudinal shift embracing disability diversity and inclusion
    • Executive sponsorship, transparency, and a lead from the top-down approach
    • Align leadership, management, and front-line with disability inclusion strategy, priorities, and responsibilities
    • New disability inclusive policies, processes, and department interoperability across your organization
    • Increased organizational communication of inclusion goals, priorities, and opportunities for employees
    • Recruiting and hiring practices facilitating disability disclosure
    • Accessible physical and digital work environments
    • Established accommodation management process
    • Meet ADA compliance… Then exceed it!

    Ready to Drive Disability Inclusion Further?

    Your business, your needs, and your disability inclusion goals are important.
    Don’t fail alone. Let’s win together!

    Schedule a Strategy Session to discuss your specific situation and how we can help.

    Take our Disability Readiness Quiz and learn how your company ranks on disability diversity and inclusion!

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