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    × What’s Your Company’s Disability Readiness Score? Take the quiz!

    Disability Readiness Quiz

    Disability Readiness Quiz

    Your Disability Employment Program & Inclusive Culture

    The Disability Readiness Quiz provides an objective overview of where your company is regarding disability employment program initiatives and cultural inclusion for employees with disabilities.

    Questions Focus on the best-practices, policies, processes and people within a comprehensive disability diversity and inclusion strategy.

    After taking the quiz, you will receive a Disability Readiness Score based on your answers with some recommendations.

    You will also have the opportunity to schedule a consultation to review your recommendations, discuss your specific situation, and understand how to further advance disability diversity and inclusion in your business.

    If you are encountering any accessibility barriers with this quiz, please contact us through our accessibility statement page and we will send you the quiz to complete in an alternative format

    “After you submit each answer, use this heading to navigate above the next question in the quiz. The Start Quiz button, next buttons, and any answer without a check box are not recognized as clickable, but they work. Simply hit the spacebar or enter after you’ve navigated your screen reader focus to the answer you want to choose. After you select your answer with spacebar or enter key, navigate to Next and click spacebar or enter to move to the next question.”

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