For individuals and teams where a live cohort-based learning environment is not optimal, AccessAbility Officer built the Self-Paced Cat Program

  • Convenience: One of the biggest challenges with training is getting employees to make the time. With self-paced learning, it’s up to the employees. They can access anytime, anyplace.
  • Speed Control: We all learn at different paces. No one wants to be the person in the class who is asking too many questions. Self-paced learning allows your employee to pause, make notes, rewind, and rewatch as needed.
  • Flexibility: On-demand courses offer flexibility for your learning style and demanding schedule. Meet your deadlines, maintain project timelines, and study when you can. If you have a demanding schedule, you may benefit from the flexibility of on-demand learning. 

CAT Program Tuition

The CAT Program’s self-paced tuition is just $1952 per student.

Students can start at any time.

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